Fans Look to Get Bitten By Suarez

He may be back home in Uruguay, but Luis Suarez is still having a huge impact in Brazil after his infamous biting incident.

Well, not Suarez himself. But rather, his face.

Suarez ad.

An Adidas advertisement along Rio’s Copacabana Beach prominently features Suarez, mouth agape, ready to chomp. As you can see in the images below, tourists have taken notice, and are using the ad to get some memorable souvenir pictures…without the feat of actually getting bitten (photos by AP and Reuters).

Suarez ad. Suarez ad. Suarez ad. Suarez ad. Suarez ad.

From Vampire Fangs to Muzzles...

Internet Bites Back Against Suarez

Luis Suarez’s biting incident during Uruguay’s 1-0 win over Italy isn’t the first – Suarez was previously fined and suspended for biting players on two separate occasions.

Between the old incidents and this new one, the Internet has leased a fury of biting memes (pun intended) against Suarez:







Ecuador (2-1) Honduras

Honduras vs. Ecuador: The Case of the Coach Swap (UPDATE: Rueda Leads Ecuador to Victory)


Suarez and Rueda embrace in 2012.

UPDATE: This year, it looks like Reinaldo Rueda might be leading Ecuador to the second round. After beating Honduras 2-1, Ecuador is in second place in Group E; Honduras, meanwhile, is in last place, having yet to win a match at the 2014 Cup.

Teams don’t get much more intertwined than Honduras and Ecuador, who have met 14 times in competition. This is perhaps most apparent with their coaches. In 2006, Luis Fernando Suarez led Ecuador to the second round of the World Cup, while Reinaldo Rueda coached Honduras in the 2010 World Cup.

This year, they’ve switched: Suarez is the coach for Honduras, and Rueda coaches Ecuador.

How will Suarez and Rueda do against their former teams? Find out at 6 PM ET (10 PM UTC).

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