The Crying Game

Mexico’s Coach: Con Mucho, Mucho Gusto

To say Miguel Herrera wears his emotions on his sleeve would be an understatement. In fact, the coach for Mexico’s national team might very well wear his emotions on every sleeve, pant leg and other part of his body all the time.

Colorful, flamboyant, intense, Herrera long been known for a full-throated style of managing El Tri.

Check out the reception that goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa gets during Monday’s 3-1 victory over Croatia, a win that qualified the Mexicans for the Round of 16 knockout round:

Or this one:

Or this one (despite appearances, Herrera’s is NOT in fact tackling defender Paul Aguilar):

This hashtag topic on microvideo blogging site Vine also some excellent excepts from Monday’s match, as well as a couple other tidbits from Brazil-Cameroon match, Netherland’s win over Chile and one very, very scary looking Dutch fan…


There’s been one particularly poignant image that’s been bouncing around the ‘Net from the emotional US-Portugal match on Sunday. (In case you were living in the cave somewhere, the two sides played to a draw after Portugal scored in the final seconds). It’s unclear when exactly during the match the image was captured, or whether the subject’s face is emotional with agony or joy.

Regardless, it’s a great illustration of what The Beautiful Game does for people.