Loud, Proud and Not Afraid to Show It

Just Who Exactly Are the Loudest Fans At The World Cup?

The World Cup attracts the most passionate and loyal fans in the world. Supporters from the United States, a country with a small but rising fan base, are out to prove that they are just as enthusiastic as any other country.

Rio de Janeiro has hosted four World Cup games so far, three of which included South American teams. The city has, at times, been swarmed by Argentines, Chileans and Ecuadoreans. But the strongest constant international presence here in Rio has been the Americans.

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All's Quiet in the Streets of Sao Paulo

A View from The Streets: How Brazilians Spend Game Day

shrine-to-beautiful-gameBrazil, some say, is where the soul of football lives.

The passion of its loyal fan base is especially evident now during the World Cup. At one Brazilian family’s home in São Paulo, that passion is on full display.

VOA’s Ramon Taylor takes us inside that home: