Germany Cheers, Argentina Mourns, Brazil Does Both

Extra, Extra! World Cup Final Edition

There’s one story dominating front pages around the world today: the World Cup. But the tone of these stories are very different depending on the country they’re from. Below, we look at some headlines from Germany, Argentina, and Brazil:


BILD, Berlin, Germany – “World Champion”

Südwest Presse, Ulm, Germany – “Done!”

Neue Westfälische, Bielefeld, Germany – “We Are World Champions”

Die Welt, Berlin, Germany – “It Is True”


La Nacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina – “No Cup, With Pride”

Buenos Aires Herald, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Territorio, Posadas, Argentina – “Thank You”

Clarin, Buenos Aires, Argentina – “Argentina Fought to the End”


Notícias do Dia Florianópolis, Florianópolis, Brazil – “Germ4ny”

Metro Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte, Brazil – “Despicable Me”

Zero Hora, Porto Alegre, Brazil – “Won by the Best”

Lance! Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – “Only 5 wins for Brazil, but one must still respect the national team (but for there to be 6 wins, a lot must change)”

Angry Defeat

Argentinian Fans Irate at World Cup loss

Street violence erupted on the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, after Argentina lost to Germany in the World Cup final.

Thousands of football fans had gathered in the city to celebrate their team’s performance in the championship match. But hope turned to bitter disappointment after their 1-0 defeat.

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