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Was Dempsey’s Goal The Fastest Ever?

According to FIFA, Clint Dempsey’s goal for the United States in Tuesday’s match against Ghana has now been officially clocked in at 29 seconds, the result of a remarkable pinball combination and quick thinking from Jermaine Jones.

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It was a stunner in its speed. But was it a record? The fastest goal in World Cup history?

In fact, no.

Watch this video below to see the World Cup goal that was officially the fastest ever.


Red Card for Goal Line Technology?

Tech Bug Sends Goal Line Programmers Scrambling

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Honduras players argue with referee Sandro Ricci from Brazil after Honduras’ goalkeeper Noel Valladares’ own goal during the Group E World Cup match between France and Honduras in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Sunday, June 15, 2014. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)


According to Reuters, computer programmers in Brazil are rushing to avoid a repeat of the mixed signals sent out to viewers by soccer’s new goal line technology during Sunday’s World Cup Group E between France and Honduras.

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