Germany Cheers, Argentina Mourns, Brazil Does Both

Extra, Extra! World Cup Final Edition

There’s one story dominating front pages around the world today: the World Cup. But the tone of these stories are very different depending on the country they’re from. Below, we look at some headlines from Germany, Argentina, and Brazil:


BILD, Berlin, Germany – “World Champion”

Südwest Presse, Ulm, Germany – “Done!”

Neue Westfälische, Bielefeld, Germany – “We Are World Champions”

Die Welt, Berlin, Germany – “It Is True”


La Nacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina – “No Cup, With Pride”

Buenos Aires Herald, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Territorio, Posadas, Argentina – “Thank You”

Clarin, Buenos Aires, Argentina – “Argentina Fought to the End”


Notícias do Dia Florianópolis, Florianópolis, Brazil – “Germ4ny”

Metro Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte, Brazil – “Despicable Me”

Zero Hora, Porto Alegre, Brazil – “Won by the Best”

Lance! Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – “Only 5 wins for Brazil, but one must still respect the national team (but for there to be 6 wins, a lot must change)”

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