Hats and Masks and Bears, Oh My!

Costumes of the Cup

The World Cup means there are some colorful kits on the soccer field, from the orange kits of the Dutch team, to the bright yellow Brazilian jerseys, to the blue and white stripes of Argentina. But even more colorful than these uniforms are the uniforms of the fans: with hundreds of thousands of soccer fans packing the stands to support their teams, there are sure to be some fans who show their devotion on their sleeve…and back, and front, and, well, all over.

As we head into the quarterfinals, VOA Football presents the best 2014 World Cup fan outfits (so far):

Maybe he’s trying to be the new “captain” of the Dutch team? (Reuters)
Netherlands fan.

These Korean fans’ big hats are great for showing support and keeping cool. (Reuters)
Korean fans.

These Japanese fans’ hats, meanwhile, might have been unpopular with the people sitting behind them. (Reuters)
Japanese fans.

The same goes for these Argentine fans’ hats, apparently in homage to Argentine Pope Francis. (Reuters)
Argentine fans.

At least there are gaps to see through in these Mexican fans’ headdresses. (Reuters)
Mexican fans.

Meanwhile, can this US fan even see the match through his outfit? (Reuters)
US fan.

These fans might not be on the Brazilian team, but at least they can pretend. (Reuters)
Brazilian fans.

German fans embracing the national symbol – the bear – through their costumes. (AP)
German fans.

This Uruguay fan seems inspired by the Jim Carrey movie The Mask…and Luis Suarez’s infamous bite. (AP)
Uruguay fan.

And this Greek fan is completely covered…even if his outfit is little more than body paint. (Reuters)
Greek fan.

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