Venezuelans ‘Shout’ Longest ‘Gooool!’ … on Facebook

This map, provided by Facebook, shows how many characters, on average, users from each country type their version of the word "goal" in Facebook posts.

When a goal is scored in the World Cup, Venezuelans are the most exuberant in their celebrations and take the longest to “shout” “gol.” Online at least.

Facebook’s data analysis team has been poring over the 1 billion (and counting) postings about the World Cup and ranked the countries which used the most characters to celebrate a goal.

Venezuela topped the social media giant’s list using, on average, using just over 21 characters to write “goooooooooooooooooool.” They were followed by Gabon (18 characters), Tunisia (13 characters), Mexico (13 characters) and Montenegro (13 characters).

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