Your Team Is Out? No Worries!

The Final Eight: Who to Root For

We’re finally down to the last eight at the 2014 World Cup, and there’s a distinctive theme: four teams are from Europe, and four are from South America. But what if you’re from North America, or Asia, or Africa? Who do you root for now. VOA Football tells you who you should root for…


If you want suspense: Support Brazil

Yes, Brazil. Brazil never seems to live up to the public expectations, the Cup is hosted on their home turf, and they were a penalty shot away from elimination in the Round of 16. Add these together, and it’s clear that Brazil is the perfect team for all lovers of the soap opera that is soccer: suspense, surprises, and shock.


If you love “the beautiful game”: Support Colombia

The beauty of soccer – the collaboration between players, the confidence, the technical skill – can all be found in Colombia’s game. Their style of play is far removed from the days when it was called “El Toque,” or “the touch,” a short, utilitarian style of play. Today, a more accurate name might be “El Toque Bonito” – “the beautiful touch” – for the ease with which they seem to play.


If you love Africa: Support France

It may be controversial, but France is the best “African” team still in the competition. Many of the French players are from Africa, including such countries as Senegal, Algeria, Mali, and Congo. Even if some do not want to admit it, this team is not a French team, but a team of immigrants who are representing France.


If you want to see attractive players: Support the Netherlands

While Neymar of Brazil and James Rodriguez of Colombia are often mentioned among the most attractive players, the Dutch team seems to be especially stacked in the looks department. Just look at the legions of female fans in the stands cheering on the Netherlands.

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