You Think You're Under Pressure?

La Albiceleste Look To Messi… Again


How exactly does it feel to have the hopes of an entire nation resting on your shoulders?

Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest footballer living today, will be hoping to lead Argentina to a resounding victory over the upstart Swiss today.

Messi hasn’t disappointed this tournament, scoring four goals of Argentina’s six goals over three matches. That’s tied him for second place in the top scoring category for the tournament… and he’s played one fewer match than his nearest competitors.

The 27-year old who has shone his brilliance for years with Barcelona now will be looking to top the table, and subdue a Swiss side that has been stubbornly persistent in its own run-up to today’s match.

American fans take note: if Team USA manages to overcome Belgium in the second of today’s matches, and Argentina does the same with Switzerland, the US will be facing The Messi-nator in the quarterfinal.

That won’t be pretty.

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