US-Belgium: It's All About the Referee

Why Exactly Does US Coach Jurgen Klinsmann Think That?

Legitimate criticism? Genuine concern? Peremptory blame deflecting? Pre-match whining?

United States' head coach Jurgen Klinsmann speaks during a press conference the day before the World Cup round of 16 soccer match between Belgium and the U.S. at Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil, June 30, 2014.

Several hours before opening what could be Team USA’s most momentous match of the 2014 World Cup, U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann is already found a scapegoat to blame for any would-be problems that disadvantage his side.

The referee.

Reuters is reporting Klinsmann is criticizing FIFA for appointing an Algerian to officiate in Tuesday’s match.

The U.S. scored a late winner against Algeria in the World Cup four years ago that put them top of their group ahead of England and Klinsmann said the appointment of Algeria’s Djamel Haimoudi for the Fonte Nova arena match made him uncomfortable.

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