US Loses and Advances; Portugal Wins and Doesn't

Who’s In and Who’s Out: The Final List

Russia's Kokorin reacts on the ground as Algeria's national soccer team players celebrate behind him at the end of their 2014 World Cup Group H soccer match at the Baixada arena in Curitiba

After Groups G and H wrapped up group play on Thursday, the Round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup is finally set. Below is the full list of who’s in and who’s out (new results are in bold):

Round of 16 (the final list)

-Mexico (Group (A)
-Brazil (Group A)
-Netherlands (Group B)

-Chile (Group B)
-Greece (Group C)
-Colombia (Group C)
-Costa Rica (Group D)
-Uruguay (Group D)
-France (Group E)
-Switzerland (Group E)
-Nigeria (Group F)
-Argentina (Group F)
-Germany (Group G)
-United States of America (Group G)
-Algeria (Group H)

-Belgium (Group H)

Eliminated (the final list)

-Croatia (Group A)
-Cameroon (Group A)
-Australia (Group B)
-Spain (Group B)
-Cote d’Ivoire (Group C)
-Japan (Group C)
-Italy (Group D)
-England (Group D)

-Ecuador (Group E)
-Honduras (Group E)
-Iran (Group F)
-Bosnia-Herzegovina (Group F)
-Ghana (Group G)

-Portugal (Group G)
-South Korea (Group H)
-Russia (Group H)

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