France (0-0) Ecuador

Why Ecuador is Rooting for Honduras (UPDATE: France In, Ecuador Out)


Ecuador needs some stellar play - and help from Honduras - to advance.

UPDATE: France and Ecuador played to a 0-0 draw, meaning France advances to the Round of 16. Ecuador, who needed to win or Honduras to beat Switzerland, got neither, and are heading home.

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With two wins, France is all but through to the Round of 16 – there’s only a .2% chance that they won’t advance. Ecuador’s future is far less certain: if they beat France, they’re in. If they lose to France, they can still move forward – as long as Honduras beats Switzerland. There’s even one scenario where – if Honduras and France win – Honduras, Ecuador, and Switzerland could all tie for second place in Group E. With teams this close, this is sure to be an exciting end to Group E play. The action kicks off at 4 PM ET (8 PM UTC).

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