…A Spanish Football Fan Scorned

Anger might not do justice to the feelings that many Spaniards have after watching the spectacular implosion of La Furia Roja against Chile (and earlier, against the House of Orange).

The Twitter-sphere lit up even before the end of Wednesday’s match, and continued through the night.

Here’s a brief sampling:



“Goodbye Spain”


Tika Taka is the name given to the style of play that netted Spain two European Championships and one World Cup


“You know the reason why Spain went so poorly? Here is the reason” (that’s Justin Bieber, in case you didn’t know)


no explanation needed


abdicate, of course, refers to King Juan Carlos’ own recent decision to step down from the Spanish throne


probably can get some Cameroon jerseys pretty cheap too

Someone also got to the Wikipedia page of the Chilean national football team even before the match had ended and added this tidbit:



Any more good ones out there? Tweet them to us at #WorldCupVOA.

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