Brazil (0-0) Mexico

Brazil and Mexico Battle for Dominance in Group A (UPDATE: It’s a Tie!)


Mexico's World Cup squad.
Brazil's World Cup squad.
Top: Team Mexico (Reuters | Tomas Bravo); Bottom: Team Brazil (Reuters | Paulo Whitaker)

UPDATE: As it turns out, both Brazil and Mexico end the day at the top of Group A (although Brazil has scored more goals) after the second tie in as many days at the World Cup.

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While teams in Group H have yet to play their first World Cup match, Brazil and Mexico will each play their second match of the tournament when they face off today at 3 PM ET (7 PM UTC). On the line is a chance to claim first place overall in Group A – both Brazil and Mexico come into this match after wins over Croatia and Cameroon, respectively. Who will claim the lead in Group A when the 90 minutes are up?

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