No Joy in Mudville. Or Moinho.

World Cup Party Passes By Brazil’s Poor

The World Cup — football, fans and all– is underway.

Step away from the giddy cheers and drunken revelry and hoarsely-sung national anthems, though, and peek into the favelas that ring Rio, Sao Paulo and many other major Brazilian cities.

Talk to their impoverished residents and you’ll get a very different take on the football and the festivities.

In Sao Paulo, not far from its gleaming skyscrapers and upscale buildings, kids in Moinho play soccer every day. With no toilets or running water, kids here learn early how to survive. In Moinho, there is no sign of the billions of dollars invested by the Brazilian government to organize the Cup.

VOA correspondent Nicholas Pinault reports on why not everyone in Brazil is jumping with joy over the World Cup.


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